Among several language related services we provide, the major ones include:

Translation of any kinds of texts: documents, IDs, certificates, letters, business marketing materials, school or educational materials, manuals, user guides, government documents, health care or health service information materials, etc.

Editing/proofreading: A second eye is always important to produce an error free text. We not only catch spelling or typo errors, word choice and grammar problems but we also recommend the best formatting and style for your writing.

Tutoring: learning a new language is entering a whole new society and culture. We help you learn Amharic and enter the Amharic culture in a short time.

Interpreting: Interpreting is different from translation in that translation deals with converting a written text from one language into another, while interpreting deals with the translation of the oral text. It could be simultaneously as the speaker speaks or consecutively when the speaker pauses.